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Pentru fanii de Design: arhitectura si design, la ele acasa !

Luxury House, Cape Town.


“The luminous interior design creates a soft and intimate counterpoint whilst not jeopardising the dramatic and clean, geometric lines of the architecture. These contrasting décor and architectural elements harmoniously co-exist and work off each other to great effect. The canvas like slabs of pure white wall mold and delineate the interior spaces and also provide a consistent gallery feel throughout, as such art and sculpture play a pivotal role in personalizing the interior and act as an inspirational interactive catalyst between building, location and inhabitation.” Images courtesy of SAOTA.

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Charming Guest House in Australia.



Amanda Henderson-Marks and Lyn Gardener from ” Garden & Marks” and again I would like to show my appreciation for their great work by showing this house from 1930s. The accents here are at the vintage collection of antique furniture and arts, industrial lighting and gorgeous bathrooms with great old style chandeliers.

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The Luxurious Toowong House in Australia.




“This was by far our most challenging project, yet one of our most rewarding. The difficult site and unusual house design made this a project one we loved to complete and were proud to be able to produce such an amazing and complex home within budget.”

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Maleny House Design, Australia



According to the architects: “Designed for expatriate Australian clients in international banking working in Bucharest, Romania, the ‘Glass House Mountain House’ in Maleny celebrates its site, perched on the edge of the remnant rim of the Glass House range, as well as the essence of it’s place – ‘sky and mountains’. Translated into a place of ‘glass and stone’ inextricably connected to its landscape the contemporary Australian propertyhas qualities of being anchored, robust and earthbound as well as being transparent, light and floating.

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Contemporary Hopen Place, California.



The contemporary Californian proprety comes with clean masculine lines and playfulness that has often been associated with the Friends character. The luxury Californian propriety boasts a dazzling blue infinity pool, you can even see the lights from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. There is also below-ground movie theater. Images courtesy of Whipple Russell Architects.

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Steve Hermann’s Glass Pavilion House.



An almost entirely glass home, it allows the occupants to be comfortably inside while completely enveloped within nature. As you drive down the long gated driveway, the home slowly comes into view. You are immediately confronted with a large all glass home floating above gently rolling lawns.

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Outstanding Designed Tents.











Are you ready for your funny camping trip? FieldCandy is the trademark of exceptional design of tents, based in Jersey,  They are the manufacturer of these below surprising tents for your future funny camps with lots of creativity and color into your camping space by providing more than thirty unexpected designs.

You can buy it online. Lets go for a recreational activity! With smile 🙂

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Arhitectural Elements. Dubai City.






Architecture photography is becoming one of the popular from earlier days among artists, as it creates a professional composition, as shown by the gallery by Alisdair Miller. Based in United Arab Emirates, Alisdair masters to perfection the beautiful photographic technique.

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Ayada Paradise. Maldives.






The Ayada Maldives Resort is a holiday destination located on the island of Maguhdhuvaa. The holiday resort has a selection of 112 villas, consisting of 33 beach villas, 4 beach suites, 14 sunset beach suites, 33 ocean villas, 11 sunset lagoon suites, 16 sunset ocean suite and 1 duplex Ayada Royal ocean suite.

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Spring Design Ideas by “Marks & Spencer”.






Are you curious to know what are the top interior trends according to “Mark & Spencer”? Thinking about the new season from the company think that everything should be colorful and bright.


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