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Fotografii care “graiesc” adunate din toata lumea !

Judith Bedard. Editorial.



Welcome to My Labyrinth – Photographer Grant Yoshino and stylist  Newheart Ohanian capture a darkly romantic spring story shot for FGR’s most recent exclusive. Starring model Judith Bedard as the stunning protagonist, the sun-drenched images highlight decorative dresses and gowns matched with glittering accessories. Lush curls by hair stylist  Cash Lawless and a red lip by makeup artist Renee Garnes bring a vixen quality to the feminine frocks.

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Modern Pin-Up Photography.





















Pretty interesting collection of modern pin-ups featuring various celebs.

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Brilliant Water Photo Manipulations.
























Magnificent Photo Manipulation of Water that will definitely inspire our audience.



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Daria Zaytseva . Fashion photography.
























Amazing fashion and beauty photography by Daria Zaytseva from Russia. Enjoy this sexy showcase.

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Lucia Giacani. Fashion photography.




Currently Lucia lives and works as a freelance fashion photographer in Milan, collaborating, amongst others with the following magazines: Vogue Gioiello, Vogue Pelle, Vanity Fair, Vogue Accessory, VS, No.ise & Twill. Lucia Giacani is a woman who immortalises women in every aspect. Their feelings, aspirations, normality, are captured through a lens, by a feminine eye capable of communicating the essence of an entire universe; a woman who is mirrored in another woman. Her photographic eye, with its revolutionary feminine nature, is the silent motivation that is captured in every shutter release and illuminates every flash.

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Sims. Editorial.






Photography is only intuition, a perpetual interrogation – everything except a stage set.

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Advertising Photography.




Today we showcase an advertising photography at incredible snaps. Advertising photography is professional photography. It involves taking picture for commercial  use. Advertisingis an excellent key to reach people easily.

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Photography Spot: Paul Raeside.




Few days ago “Desire to Inspire” posted about Paul Raeside photography and reminded me of his talent. The only thing that I can say is that his portfolio is amazing, great source of constant inspiration. And I strongly recommend you to visit Paul’s website and to browse it for a while.

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Kids Smoking Phototgraphed By Frieke Janssen.

Frieke Janssens is a Bransch artist, most well known for her controversial photography, which heavily features naked men and women. She is also an extremely talented photograph editor, using photography manipulation to creates fantasy scenes such as a woodman reading a book to animals, and a man at his office desk floating in the sea.

Her most recent exhibition, which was on view through the summer in Antwerp, Belgium, was called “Smoking Kids”. Recently a law was passed to ban smoking in Belgian bars, which caused a huge uproar from the public about how freedom was being oppressed, and adults were being treated like children. This is the main reason behind the photographic series, as Janssen wants to turn the attention of the viewer upon the issue of smoking itself. Seeing children smoke has a huge impact on pretty much anyone who comes across it. Take for example the Indonesian toddler who was smoking 40 cigarettes a day, which became world wide news.

Society does not bat an eyelid at adult smokers, but Janssen felt that the reality of seeing children smoke would have a surreal impact and compel the viewer to truly see the acts of smoking. Of course, there were the usual rumours going around that these were in fact real, lit cigarettes and the children were inhaling them, but clearly they were not (if you need further evidence, please refer to the short film, where you will see that no children are inhaling smoke!).

Janssen is a photoshop wizard – or something to that affect – using such clever techniques that it make us question the reality of the images. One interesting thing to note about this extraordinary photography set, is the time period of the clothing. With so many countries banning it, smoking has now become a “retro” thing, especially when you think about a time when you were allowed to light up in bars and on planes. Janssen brings us a version of photographs that really bring to light the unattractiveness of smoking, showing us the line between beauty and the ugliness.



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Editorial. Photography Tim Walker.


“Jean Cocteau really influenced me, especially his film Beauty and the Beast”, so said Tim Walker.

“I love the fact that the house in this photoshoot is falling into decay, its inhabitants have become part of the building, they will keep on living here forever, only appearing when other people come; it’s as if the house were a living being, composed of the building itself and its former dwellers.” Walker has been long dreaming of creating pictures that would combine his obsession for decay, mythology, and the vanished grandeur of the most exclusive couture, but only recently he’s found the perfect place. “Howick Hall, the home of Earl Grey,” he explains, “has been closed since the Thirties and it’s very spectacular, romantic, tumbledown; its rooms are huge, there’s still the tapestry from the 1920s, almost torn to pieces. The old doors and structures created the perfect atmosphere for our magical sets.”

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